February 2017

Prof. Dr. med. Carsten Perka on the subject of revisions and why training is key to successful treatment of periprosthetic infections.

January 2017

Detailed answers to these questions are provided by leading international experts, in the latest directLINK® special edition focusing on PERIPROTHETIC INFECTIONS.

January 2016

“The LINK® MP® is an implant we trust!”
An interview with Dr. David G. Lewallen and Dr. Rafael J. Sierra about the increasing use of the LINK® MP® Reconstruction Prosthesis in the USA

August 2015

“We are very impressed by the SP-CL®
An interview with Prof. Giuseppe Vincenzo Mineo and Dr. Massimo Franceschini about the learning curve, surgical approaches, and the cementless, anatomical philosophy

January 2015

“A solution had to be found urgently!”
An interview with Professor Maurilio Marcacci about metal hypersensitivity, training of young surgeons, and nanotechnology in the field of arthroplasty

September 2014

“The weakest link is always the human factor!”
An interview with Prof. Dr. med. Thorsten Gehrke, Medical Director of the HELIOS ENDO-Klinik Hamburg, on the subject of periprosthetic infections, hygienic routine and the LINK® Endo-Model®

December 2013

“Metal allergies under control”
A conversation with Prof. Peter Thomas about metal allergies, special  consultations and predictive tests.

September 2013

“I would do it again!”
Interview with PD Dr. Alexandra Claus about the length of training, leadership and quotas for women.

November 2012

“Surgeons can learn from pilots!”
Interview with Dr. Stephan Kirschner about the future of arthroplasty beyond prosthesis design

May 2012

“The Orthopedicus of Florence
Visiting Professor Rodolfo Capanna at his workplace, the Centro Traumatologico
Ortopedico in Florence, Italy.

September 2011

“High-performance materials need high-performance attention” Biomechanist Prof. Dr. habil. Michael Morlock considers the current knowledge on hip prostheses – and draws conclusions

January 2011

We want A-listers, not D-listers!“
German Arthroplasty Working Group (AE) President, Prof. Dr. Volker Ewerbeck, on the self-image of the AE and the significance of sustainability for arthroplasty

August 2010

Experience is more important than innovation.“
An interview with Dr. Richard Dernbach, Head of Orthopedics at Marienhaus Klinikum St. Josef Bendorf

Special Anniversary Issue / 2009

25 Years SPII ® – A success story

Issue 12 – 02/2009

Agenda – Dr. Gerold Labek and Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Böhler
question the value of clinical studies

Issue 11 – 01/2009

Agenda – Quality versus cost pressure: Professor Joachim Hassenpfl ug and Günter Ploss discuss co-payment models for joint replacement.

Issue 10/2008

Celebrating 60 years of LINK: A success story Friends and associates congratulate LINK. Norbert Ostwald on new products and growth targets.
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